Welcome to the trustees ACL homepage! Trustees is a revolutionary new way to use ACLs on Linux. While many system administrators may fear Netware as they would Satan himself, most will admit that trustees is one of the few things they miss about the Netware system. See the documentation page for more details.

Trustees moved to git, made actual fork of linux kernel

Trustees has been moved to from subversion to git. This change has been made in order to facilitate the new method by which trustees is developed.

Linux itself is developed using git. The distributed nature of git makes it much simpler to build trustees right on top of the linux kernel itself. So instead of compiling trustees as an external module, you download the patched kernel sources and run make menuconfig as usual. A separate repository will hold the userspace components (settrustees) and documentation for trustees.

The reason for this rather large change in how trustees is developed is that for one thing, it makes life actually a bit simpler for me. Secondly, as of 2.6.24-rc1 (and the upcoming 2.6.24 kernel) the API's I'm using are no longer available for kernel modules. Trustees will *need* to be compiled statically.

For the most part you will need to simply perform a:

git clone git://

after that, you can simply read the updated README for the instructions on the kernel component. If you'd like to see this README online, please visit:;a=blob_plain;f=README;hb=HEAD

As always, I would greatly appreciate if you'd use the mailing list for any issues (and if you are using trustees, you should definitely join the *very* low volume trustees mailing list). (0 comments)
Posted by (Andrew Ruder) on Wed, 26 Dec 2007 07:22:23 GMT

Subversion Moved to Sourceforge

I am now hosting this project's subversion repository on I am extremely excited that Sourceforge now makes this service available to all projects. (0 comments)
Posted by (Andrew Ruder) on Sun, 09 Apr 2006 07:17:48 GMT

3.0 released

Trustees 3.0 released. It includes a fix to buffer-size calculation that has existed for some time in the subversion repository and sevaral kbuild fixes that will allow proper compilation on newer kernels. This will be last stable release for sometime as the subversion trunk will be overhauled and brought up to speed with the 2.6 kernel while snuffing out several long-standing misbehaviors. This release also includes patches to several 2.6 kernels so that trustees can be compiled into the kernel. (0 comments)
Posted by (Andrew Ruder) on Fri, 22 Jul 2005 18:35:56 GMT

3.0pre3 released

Hubert Touvet made an excellent spot where permissions were not being applied correctly to the root directory of a share in some cases. For example, if you had


And I (andy) tried to touch /somefilethatdoesntexist, I would be unable to. All the permissions were propogating correctly, they were just not being applied to the root directory on files that did not exist already. (0 comments)
Posted by (Andrew Ruder) on Fri, 15 Apr 2005 08:48:29 GMT

Mailing list created for trustees

Please sign up for the mailing list at

If people have problems, please e-mail rather than me directly. This will allow public archival of any e-mails you send me as well as take some load off of me if others can answer the questsions too. Thanks! (0 comments)
Posted by (Andrew Ruder) on Sun, 10 Apr 2005 10:00:43 GMT

3.0pre2 released

A major bug was fixed in trustees. This will fix many of the instability problems people were having with 3.0pre1. The bug could cause memory corruption leading to OOPS or hard-locks. (0 comments)
Posted by (Andrew Ruder) on Sat, 09 Apr 2005 06:49:26 GMT

3.0pre1 released

Trustees 3.0pre1 is the first semi-official release of the new-and-improved trustees kernel module. It uses the Linux Security Module (LSM) API to provide recursive ACLs without a patch to the kernel. There are some security and other bugs fixed from the original trustees as well.

I moved the project summary from production/stable to beta merely because of the large sections of new code. I have used the new trustees for some time with no apparent problems. Some testing/feedback would sure be appreciated! (0 comments)
Posted by (Andrew Ruder) on Wed, 16 Feb 2005 06:24:38 GMT

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